"Coffee from the hills of Chiang Rai in Thailand"

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OnePeaberry Coffee Thailand

100 Pa Tan Road, Amphur Muang, Chiang Mai 50300,


m : +669 3239 0913 / +669 7968 3897

e : koong@onepeaberry.com


Singapore Sales Office

m : +65 8288 6080

e : raymond@onepeaberry.com

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Demand for the exotic civet coffee is on the rise in Thailand.

The coffee is made from beans or berries eaten and then defaecated whole by the Civet Cat. Characteristics of Civet Cat Coffee is known for its high aroma, smooth taste, and low acidity; often quite sweet and very full in the cup. The coffee is special because the cats eat only the sweetest and ripest beans and berries. Customers say the "Kafé Kee Chamot" or Civet Cat Coffee has a rich aroma without the bitterness, and there is no need for cream or sugar. But this cuppa does not come cheap. One cup costs about 500Baht. If you are looking for Civet Cat Coffee, come taste our very best like nowhere else!